Funny moment

So Sophia, my hubby, and I all ventured out today. My hubby got lost in the cookie section while Sophia and I went exploring for some good prices when out of no where this little stinker of a daughter of mine rips a big one!! She farts so loud a lady standing down the aisle looks at us! I had to share this!!

    Lol you gotta love that!! Or when your are standing in a crown and they say " MOM I GOTTA POOP", or when your in the store and they let one but you cant hear it and someone walks by you and gives you a dirty look thinking it was you lol. Oh motherhood :)
      LOL...sarah! when my daughter was a month i was changing her and being the new mom i would change her the minute she pooped, well i learned my lesson that day, i was cleaning her and i was right in front of her and she poops! and i got it all on my cloth, my pants ,arms and hair ! i was shocked i didnt know what to do ! i was still holding her legs up and i start yelling for some help! sister comes in and sees me and im freaking out and shes laughing taking pictures! That day i learned to let her finish and since that day everything else that came along didnt discuss me , what could be worse that! lol
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