Feelings about His Circumcision

We agreed that circumcision as the best choice for Mylze because my little brother had to have it done at 13 due to problems, and I didn't ever want him to have to go through it. They took him into the nursery for inspection and I could here him crying from my room, and of course that made me pretty upset. I was adamant that some sort of anesthetic be used or I didn't want it done. He slept through the procedure and is doing very well, but I was so nervous waiting for him! He is doing well and recovering nicely. :)

    8Theresa Gould
    Our third boy was circumcised in our family doctor's office and I was there the whole time and it was tough. I just talked and touched my son and cuddled him by his head. Glad your little guy is doing ok.
      my baby was circumcised because hubby said his friends who didn't have it done got called "dog penis" and when they grew up some girls wouldn't date them.
      I personally do not like foreskin on a man either.
      its is culturally accepted here in america to get your baby circumcised.
      if we were in England/anywhere in Europe its cultural to have foreskin.
        My son Noey (NOAH) was born circumcised, this phenomenon happens with less than three percent of boys! He is so special, Thank's Dad! (GOD)
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