feeling hated

i feeling i'm being hated by my ex's family because i'm divorcing him and they want us to work it out and i don't want to work it out at all. I rather us just be friends for our kids so they know that mommy and daddy can get along with out loving each other. I'm divorcing him for the right reasons and it hurts that his family hates me for what i'm doing.

vanessa shampDundee, Florida
    This is a hard situation. I wish you the best!
      Vanessa, what are the reasons you are devorsing him?
      Devorce is always hard - please just try to keep calm.
          when I got divorced I felt the same way. My kids were 1 and 3 and it was really hard telling the families and I too felt his family was angry.
          Maybe they were. Divorce is hard for everyone.
          Let them be. Stay kind, stay focused, stay sure, ensure them that you aren't taking the kids away from them.
          I found my exes parents were mostly concerned about their access to their grand kids. Over time.. It gets easier. Way easier.
          In fact last summer my kids were w my exes family in Texas for a week and they flew me out to get them to fly back w them and I stated for two nights. And my exes new wife was ok w it all. Lol.
          It takes time. You'll be surprised how far you will come from this part. It's hard.
          You got this.
            8Theresa Gould
            Sounds like a tough situation to go through. The others have given you good advice. Hugs.
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