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I know your not suppose to be sleeping with your little ones, but my son has slept in my bed with me since he started cutting teeth around easter of last year. he never slept with us when he was newborn he always slept in his crib or bassinet at the time. at my old house I had him in his crib going to bed on his own by 9pm, then we move back in with his dad's family, and that's when he started to cut teeth and ever since then he has slept with us. now I can't get him back in his own bed, kinda hard when u live with so many people in the house (he shares a room with us, his crib is literally two steps away from our bed.) and both his dad and I are at work til late at night.

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    We still sleep with our five and three year olds. You know what? From the beginning of time parents have slept with their babies and this is still practiced in other countries and considered normal. It's only here in America where it is considered abnormal. I slept with my babies in the hospital against hospital wishes. I wouldn't ever sue them if something had happened. The only time co-sleeping is unsafe is if either parent is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. I do neither of those and always had the same sleep cycle as my babies so considered it completely safe.

    Have you tried moving him back to his bed once he's completely asleep? That might work.
    yea we put him back in his crib after hes asleep but lately with us both working nights and long hours and we come home and cuddle with him bc hes ALWAYS up LATE at night and we end up falling asleep, neither of us do drugs or drink, we don't allow any of that around our child. but it seems like some nights that we do put him in his crib its like he knows hes not next to us and he will wake up screaming. there was a couple days he actually slept in his crib all through the night after we put him in there. I want to try to make him go to sleep on his own in his crib but we live with 8 other people in the house and we share a room with him and he will be 17 months and its just hard, idk how to get him to go to sleep on his own anymore. I try to cry method but he will literally sit there all night screaming and crying until somebody will come pick him up. its to a point where he wont sleep on his own unless he is by us or somebody. we just got him taking his own naps and being able to walk out of the room and him sleep.
    8Theresa Gould
    Unless he's interrupting your sleep, it sounds like sleeping with him is what is working. He probably finds comfort in being next to you and likes the warmth too. Our three year old sleeps right up against my husband's back and so far for winter my husband has been grateful for the extra warmth! :) If my husband moves, our son moves closer to him. It's quite funny but they do sense when that warm body isn't there.
      At my baby shower I had advice cards & everyone had to write advice to me. Well this was a big one from like 20 different people. Not to sleep with them in the bed. They get to attached.
      Everyone makes mistakes though. Trust me I'm no saint but, another reason I never slept in th bed with my child that made a huge impact on me was my best friend... her baby was 3 1/2 months old & her and her fiance slept in the bed with him. well she rolled over on him. He died.She eats herself up everyday & our town made an awarness day about the issue. I was so scared to do that.
        What I would suggest.... I would do a night light & some sort of music. & if that doesn't help I KNOW THIS IS SO SO SO HARD but I have to do it with my daughter sometime... I have to walk away and close the door. but maybe also if you leave door open and are in the other room and they hear you it might be comforting to them knowing your just right there.
        My friend actually took a recording of herself & made a dvd of it on her computer. She plays it when her daughter goes to sleep & it works!!!!!

        good luck
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