too early to pottytrain?

my son will be 17 months the end of this month, and lately its become an all day struggle to change his diaper bc he will crawl away from u or fight u to put a diaper on. he has no problem helping you take it off. if he doesn't have pants or a onsie on he will take it off himself. one day he took it off himself and peed everywhere. but I sat him on the potty just now for the first time, sat for half an hr and nothing. I had to tell him couple times to sit back down but as long as he had something in his hands he was fine. how do I know when he has to potty?? hes my first child so I've never done this before

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      I'm going to start potty training as soon as my daughter learns how to walk well. I know, I know, that sounds ridiculous - but I'm going to go about it very casually. I'm going to do what my grandmother did to potty train all her kids by 18mo, which is...

      1. Don't worry about if they have to go or not. Every 1/2 hour to an hour sit your baby on the potty. In between sits they can wear a diaper or pull up if your worried about messes, but a little diaper free time every day is important as long as you're in a peepee safe zone :). It helps them recognize the feeling of relieving themselves
      2. Leave them on the potty for 10-15min. Sing songs or give them a toy to hold. If you can, sit on the big potty next to them as an example. They may be more willing to use the potty if they know you have to too.
      3. If they pee or poop while on the potty celebrate! do a little cheer or give a treat depending on the age of the baby
      4. If they don't go on the potty just say "uh oh, no potty - we'll try again later", then try again in about a half hour.
      5. If they pee or poop while not on the potty get them to the potty as soon as you notice. If they're not wearing a diaper it's a good idea to have the potty nearby so you can just throw them on it if they start to go (yes it's messy, another perk of parenting :P). If they are wearing a diaper pull the dirty one off and let them sit on the potty for a bit even though you know they probably won't go again. While you're cleaning them up keep reinforcing that they need to use the potty instead.
      6. When you go a few days in a row without changing a diaper because they always went when you put them on the potty then switch to big kid underpants. Just realize that there's no rush - starting early means you have plenty of time to let them figure it out!

      My grandma said the idea is that you're not teaching a child to hold it, you're teaching them to go in the right place when they have to. It's almost like housebreaking a puppy. You don't wait for a puppy to say they have to go out, you just put them out over and over again and hope they pee out there instead of your living room. Eventually the puppy learns to associate the outside with going to the bathroom so every time you let them out they go. Then their bladders are empty so they don't pee inside. Pretty soon the puppy starts the think the only place they CAN go is outside and they're housebroken. Babies can be housebroken too :)
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