Growing Pains - Real?

Two nights in a row, my 9 year old has been up at 3 and restless... asking for water, to crawl into bed with me, afraid of zombies, etc... Last night or rather at FOUR this morning his side ached... I did all the checks... seemed fine.. still restless... And it just occurred to me after he said it on the way to school.. "growing pains"... Maybe it is.. Maybe is side aches from muscles.. or he's restless because of it.. He IS due for a height spurt...

Regardless... I hope it happens soon... Once I wake up at 330.. I don't fall back to sleep.. and just as I'm about to.. he's up again.. and my kids share a room and so his sister is up and wandering in to my room and then going potty.. and then by 5.. I'm like, screw it.. everyone up..

it's going to be an interesting day :)

    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah growing pains can be quite painful and disturbing to both child and parent. Hope he feels better soon and you all get a better sleep tonight!
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