A rough beginning with a peaceful ending

My family situation is a bit complicated. I was put in foster care when i was eight, adopted at 12 and put back in foster care when i was 16. I grew out of the system but the man and woman i call mom and dad are the people that never gave up on me. I dont have any connection with my biological parents. However today i was contacted by biological mother (not for the first time) and the things she had to say to me were not shy of hateful and degrading. After i read the email and wiped my tears I looked at my kids picture and decided i would take that anger and loathing i feel for that woman and use it as fuel to my fire as a mother. To be everything she wasnt and so much more. To be strong and supportive. To be a mother first and a friend a close second. My children have a great life and they enjoy it very much. Did i see myself in the position i'm in a few years ago? Of course not, but im embracing it and i couldnt be any happier. My kids have finally been introduced to the amazing man in my life and they absolutely adore him and he loves them. We have a little blended family now. I spoke to him about the email from my biological mother and he sat there and listened until i was done. "Anyone that cannot see how incredible you are doesnt deserve to be in our life, i will protect you and keep you from this hurt"....and then we played pictionary and i lost. My life is falling into place a little bit more everyday.

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