I never cuss, not even a slip up even if the kids aren't around I still don't cuss, I mask words like saying oh shoot or something like that and I except all the kids to be the same way and not use any foul language. If they do I will not be a happy camper and will punish them.

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    I do cuss and it's a horrible habit I've had for a long time. My kids do know that it's bad and grown ups shouldn't even do it, but if they do they will get in trouble. Luckily I havn't had to worry about it yet.
      I cuss and though never around my kids, my swearing is cathartic for me. If I'm with my friend or in a group without kids and we are laughing, telling stories, venting etc.. U bet that we are all letting the f bombs fly.
      My kids have heard slips from me and my family. And we have a great sense of humor about it. They catch me and I out a dollar in the swear jar and we laugh.
      I'm not perfect. I'm going to slip. They know that they're not allowed to swear until they're 18. Lol. We don't say shut up or stupid or hate. I'm super strict on that
      But I gotta tell ya. Words are just words. It feels reeeaaalllyy good to say F*** every now and then. I can have a potty mouth and I own it. Life is too hard to worry about my language.
      You can be silly and fun and respectful and big on manners AND love the F bomb.
      I have a best friend that refuses to swear and I love it. We tease each other all the time and "shut the front door" has become a well known alternative in our home and group of friends.
      It's not for everyone. Lol.
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