I'm about to lose it

So those of you who know me know the situation with my nephew and his maternal grandmother well I'm so tired of this B**** and I'm trying to hold it together and not cuss her out but its getting harder and harder all the time(and I'm not even that kind of person). When this all started I had that boy every weekend, no questions asked or anything she'd call me and be like ok i'm on my way to drop him off every friday, now for about a 1-2 months she only lets me have him when she feels like it. She's scared now that children services did my home study and stuff that I have a chance of getting him. And I sure hope so cause if she ends up with custody I'm scared that she's not going to let us see him very often. I just think its bullshit because when all this started we both said this was about him and whats best for him, we agreed not to fight about whoever got him. But now all of a sudden stuffs changed. It just makes me so mad when people cant put the kids first. Like that baby hasn't been through enough now she's going to try to keep him from the rest of his family and mess up a schedule hes use to.

    I hope everything works out.
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