Interesting to know. Development of a child from 0 to 1 year.

1 month: makes micro-movements and can produce the sounds intact of speaker's speech; distinguishes colors (red, yellow, black and white), lines and cell; fixes the look on the inclined face; distinguishes feature sounds; recognizes his mother's voice, her smell, the touch of the hands; focuses the look on a fixed object and when they are moving slowly; lying on his stomach, trying to lift and hold his head.

2 month: smiles in response to the voice or inclined face; focuses visually and keeps in sight moving and stopped object; turns his head to the sound source, looks for the source of sound with his eyes; lying on his stomach the child tries to hold his head; turns from side to back.

3 month: recognizes his mom’s and dad’s face, laughs when communicating with him; the baby is naughty and whines, cries in protest; coos and conducts a dialogue with an adult; gets his hands on hanging over the crib toys; grabs the toy and pulls it into his mouth; raises his head lying on his stomach and leaning on the his arms; turns from his back to the side; rests on a solid surface in the legs with the support of the armpits; holds his head and runs his head; finds the source of the sound and the light.

4 month: recognizes his mom and prefers her to all the rest; recognizes the voices of familiar people and distinguishes them from unfamiliar; pronounces the first syllable; grabs the hanging toy with one or both hands simultaneously; knows his name and responds to it; raises his shoulders and head lying on his back; responds to the known and unknown things in different ways; emphasizes the "favorite" and "least favorite" toys;

5 month: examines the person in the picture is with great pleasure; grabs, holds, throws the objects; distinguishes between familiar and unfamiliar people; turns from back to belly, tightens on his hands trying to sit up.

6 month: simulates the audible sounds; listens to the speech attentively; looks for the objects about you speak; shifts the toy from one hand to the other; shifts the items from one container to another; learns to stand up holding on to a support.

7 month: understands the meaning of many words; emotionally very attached to his mom clings to her; begins to feel fear when parting with his mother; can put the small objects into large; stands firmly at the support, learns to sit independently; learns to crawl; turns from stomach to back and from back to stomach; can eat with a spoon and drink from a cup.

8 month: understands and responds to requests such as "give me your hand", "tilt your head"; plays the game with the performance of the simplest actions, dances; feels intense fear when parting with his mom; divides people into "us" and "them"; frightened by sudden, unexpected sounds (vacuum cleaner, ring, barking dogs); gets up and walks with the support; sits by himself; begins to crawl actively; can bite and chew the soft foods;

9 month: shows mom’s, doll’s and his nose, mouth and other parts of the body in the mirror "hitting" a finger in the right place sometimes; sticks fingers in all holes; can tear and crumple the paper; can leaf through the thick pages of the cardboard book; sits down independently, sits, walks near the support, crawls; stands up without the support; jumps and crouches near the a support or when holds his mother's hand.

10 month: listens to the adult’s speech and imitates the sounds of it; perceives jokes in his address; allocates funny sound combinations and laughs at them; inserts one object to the another; prefers small objects; with the help of one subject can get the another; thrown objects or toys deliberately; rolls the cars, pushes the ball; takes an active interest to the other children.

11 month: understands parents talk about himself and about what is happening around; pronounces the words that imitates voices of birds and animals; responds to requests and instructions such as “bring”, “give”, “put”, “take” , “bring back”; waits for the praise and the approval of his actions; nods and shakes his head; waves his hand in greeting or farewell; climbs the steps up and down; tries to walk himself;

12 month: says 10-15 light words; walks himself; shows independence; expresses negative emotions actively; collects a pyramid with blocks; has clear interests favorite and least favorite activities ; bites chews solid food; eats a spoon and a cup.

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