Cameron Diaz's Body Book

At first I thought. Oh geez.. Another celebrity with a great body preaching about the healthy lifestyle they lead. But I picked it up and was nicely surprised. It's not about making food choices that seem only easy for someone of her lifestyle. It was about understanding what sugar does. What corn syrup does. What a cheeto dies IN your body. Mans she's right. We all know it as "bad" but if you really knew what it did IN your body.. TO your body and what it takes for your body to digest it.. Then it's easier to say no and it just grosses you out. I can't even touch Cheetos. Or blue Gatorade. Or like a sponge bob fruit snack. The blue dye dies your intestines.. Same with the orange in Cheetos and the fruit snacks aren't even food. It's chemicals. And a lot if you know my candy issue. I eat candy a lot. Daily. Live it. Love it. But other foods.. It was shocking to me. Anywho. Read her book :)

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    LOL.. Me either.. until I read what they do... Maybe stay away from that.. I didn't read it in her book.. I saw something online in the same way they showed McDonalds "Chicken" "McNuggets" being made and it grossed me out soo much that I just couldn't ever eat them again...

    I will NEVER watch how sour patch kids are made though.. my evening joy will be gone..
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