ORGANIZATION Tips... My kids have so much CRAP...

I go into my kids room and I think.. UGH.. So MUCH CRAP.. and it's ALL stuff they swear they need... and I know better to go through it all when they're at school, but ECH... It's one thing to manage the pieces of old goody bags and just STUFF they pick up throughout the week.. and want to hang on to. But more so.. it's things like.. their magic 8 ball and tiki statue they got in Hawaii with their dad and coins and shells and shiny rocks and garbage pail kids and little doll shoes and clothes.. and microphones...

My kids share a room.. they each have a small desk (which has become a storage shelf).. a shelf with buckets in them for their things and a closet full of legos and stuffed animals, etc.. In all honesty.. everything we have in there, they play with at one time or another.. so I'm less interested in getting rid of stuff then figuring out how to store it without A. putting it in the living room B. Spending a lot of money and C. Shelves??

Do you have shelves? Buckets under the bed? Storage and then pull it all out? I have two kids, 7 and 9.. they've collected a lot.. and share a room...

    I hear ya! I am loving the clear(ish) different color drawers at walmart.…
    They have a few great affordable ideas under storage on the website.
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