I have two dogs. One is a male mutt and the other a female Golden Lab. The male is almost 6 years old and the female almost 5. Anyway the male just recently, about 4-6 months ago, started to get on the beds. The female only goes on the bed when he does, she follows him everywhere. I tell them to get off the beds and she gets off, he just stares at me like I am a lunatic. I literally have to tell him several times to get off the bed. They have there own dog beds, and seem to only get on the beds when I am asleep or at the store. They have tried to sneak on them at times if they think I'm not paying attention. I am at a loss as to what I should do to keep them off. Any suggestions would be great.

5DeannaMesa, Arizona
I haven't tried the water bottle yet, but I did buy one today just for them :)
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    I did tell hubby I was going to buy a gate to keep them out, he thought I was crazy lol. I told him he doesn't have to clean up all the dang dog hair though lol.
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