Cat sleeping with 13 month old

Let me give you all the details first.... from the day my son came home until he was maybe 11 months old we would lock both my cat and dog up in the basement at night while we slept; so the animals would not bother my son. We have had no problems with the animals being out at night until recently in the last month or so. What I have noticed is that my cat will push open my son's door and jump into his crib to sleep at my son's feet or next to him. At first I would just move my cat and not really think anything about it, but last night it happened 3 different times and one of the times the cat was sitting next to my son's face looking at him when I walked in. Obviously I do not know what my cat was doing (checking on him, going to do something evil, etc). But that made me wonder if I need to find a new home for my cat. The cat lately has become overwhelmingly talkative (don't know if he is missing my step daughters or what) and I do not know if this is correlated to him wanting to sleep next to my son or anything to do with my son.

In any rate I am lost confused and worried about if I should be freaking out or not.

4Pam OttoFairmont, West Virginia
    Your cat is probably just curious about your little baby you brought home. Let your cat meet the baby but make sure it's on your terms, on neutral ground or something you claim as your own such as your bed or your favorite place to sit in the house. animals are funny when it comes to new babies or new animals. It's a new sight and smell.
    Don't hover over your cat but do keep a close watch on it as they meet. I'm sure they will grow up and love each other.

    (I know cat behavior)
      My cat does the same thing, she sleeps right on my 4 year old daughters pillow. She has never got close to laying on her face or anything I think she just loves her :)
        I have three cats. My two females want nothing to do with my 17 month old. My male however loves her. He sits with her in the living room, sleeps in the same room with her when she naps and is just generally around her. In fact so much so she said Jack-Jack as one of her first words lol. I would just make sure u give the cat attention during the day so he doesn't feel the baby has taken u away. But I highly doubt the cat is g o ing to harm to urban baby.
            8Theresa Gould
            This would make me nervous too, but then I think about those stories where a cat or dog has saved the life of a family or child and wonder....

            The others had good tips. We don't have indoor animals, but I grew up with them. I don't think my mom ever had any issues with our animals. We loved our cats and dogs and they loved us, so animals and babies obviously can work.
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