my doughters friend physically assulted her

well, my daughter wanted to play house with her friend Maria but Maria wanted to play 4 square so they promised to play next recess but next recces my daughter had already found a better game to play with some of her other friends and Maria got mad and said that she would just play with them then but my daughter said that there is nothing that she could be but then the whistle blew for the kids to go inside from recess and on the way to the class room Maria said that my daughter was a mean girl and my daughter said do I look like I care and Maria said I am still going to play with you and my daughter said are not and then are not are to are not are to and so on and so forth but pretty soon my daughter covered her ears with her hands and said I should not have to hear this and then Maria dug her fingernails into my daughters skin and forced her hand away from her ears and then walked over to her desk then my daughter got up and told the teacher and the teacher said that Maria had to spend her next recess writing an apology note and the teacher was going to email her mother about the situation, so what do you guys think about that

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      i would also take it a step further as well,i cant believe that! im sry to hear that happened though :(
        Make sure you keep an eye on the area when I was little, a girl scratched me in the face and I got a nasty infection all over my face. Not trying to scare you just keep an eye on it. Little kids' finger nails can carry a lot of germs. And I think kids will be kids and even when they know better they will still sometimes fight.
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