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My 2nd born was colic and peds. don't give you to much advise.I tried everything. To the point of tears and feeling like a failure.I took her back to the docs.4 different times.They gave her medicine that contained alcohol.I got a referral for a gastrointernologist.He was AMAZING!he had me feed her a bottle containing my breast milk and something that would show up in a x-ray.She had a common problem called GERD.To give you the best advise it's not nessacerally The formula or breast milk but what he recommened was a teaspoon of rice cereal for every 2oz of formula or breastmilk.Along with regular Maylox.It has calcium and simithicon(That's what is in gas drops)I had to put 1.0mls for 4oz.Keep your baby upright after feeding for 20min.to help digest and for sleep either cradle swing or raise the part of their mattress up with a blanket under it kinda like those beds you see on tv that that raise for elder people.You can even put your baby in a vibrating chair and put that in their crib for safty.Keep in mind my daughter was only 5wks.when I started.I used this method with my next baby,and so on.Don't wast your $ on changing bottles buying colic cures and formula changes.Best of luck

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    My nephew was a very colic baby and my SIL was only 17 to it was very hard on her, so I would watch him whenever I could to give her a break. Two things that I learned worked for him was rocking him very hard(of course supporting his head) and putting him in his swing on the highest setting and turning on really loud music. I don't know why but that's what worked for him and it worked every time.