24/7 job

so here is another rant.
a lot of times at work customers know when we are tired and will joke around with me bout going home and taking a break and relax for the day, and I laugh and today somebody brought up going to home to go take a nap bc that's what they were gonna do, I said haha funny not possible with a 1 yr old in the middle of the day to take a nap on demand. and I was like being a parent, u don't get a break, specially since I go to school full time and work full time and be a parent is FULL TIME. I don't have time to have a relax time in my schedule. im lucky just to get 5 hrs of sleep. then I have friends who wanna always hang out but when I say ill have my son EVERYTIME they'll respond "Well can't u get a babysitter?" ummm nooo!!! im not ponding my son off to go hangout. then they never talk to me again. its like those who aren't parents don't understand how much a child changes your life. and that's why now im sticking to other moms bc we all can relate to each other. like my mom told me when I gave birth, being a mom u never get a day off.

    Totally agree, It's hard when your friends don't have kids they don't understand the responsibilities a mother has until you go through it. Most of my friends don't have kids so it's really nice to be on this web site to talk to other moms who understand!
      None of my close friends have kids either. I'm lucky because they understand that they don't understand, LOL. If I tell them that I have to bring my daughter to hang outs they just assume I have a good reason. Plus they love playing with the baby :)

      I will say no if I know it's not a baby-friendly situation. I guess I'm kind of a package deal now, If you want to hang out with me you have to hang out with my kid too. I'll let them know that we can't come but we'll catch them next time. Generally I don't worry about bringing her with to a friends house or out to restaurant. I like that she gets to broaden her horizons. I will stay home if it's going to be extremely loud, smokey, go too late, or I just know I won't enjoy it because she won't enjoy it.
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