prayers for kids

I think it a good thing to be able to allow them to pray. My child just joined a private school and automatically she started praying before dinner, at bed time and before we leave for school. I think it is a good thing it allows them to express their feelings for what they are thankful for and concerns on their mind. it a good thing to let them know the lord is always listening even when we parents are too busy.

Moms Expertise
    Yes, I believe this is a great thing to do with your kids when they are young. The bible does say train a child in the ways of the Lord and when they are older they will return to him if they go astray. Para phasing I raised my daughter in the way of the Lord and she is now 22 and even though she is pulled this way and that way by those who don't know the Lord, deep down in her heart the seed of God word is in her heart..