one tired momma

well last night was a lot of fun ...1st time in 3 yrs i have been really out to party ... i over did it ... drank way to much ..could thing our room wasn't a far walk ... spent money , Won money in a drawing , paid a bill with that winning .. :) lol ...such a mom .... and then won and lost some more money at slots .. lol oh well i didn't over do it only lost $20 compared so some others with the company .... so i can't complain... Got great News we got our House now to slowly get over there and paint the girl's rooms and get everything painted and decorated ...along with figuring out what rooms will be what ... 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home with complete finished basement and Attic space as bonus rooms :) ... Attic is going to become our Arts and Crafts room... that way I can keep it locked up when not in use ...having the house looked at and see what we need changed for up to codes for daycare... :) getting really excited things are coming through finally... I love older homes and yes it may be a yr before i can open as a daycare but it gives me lots of time to plan and create fun spaces for our girls plus others children ..going to to a themed Playroom , craft room etc excited for this blank canvas

    Congratulaltions on the new house!
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