is this normal?

ok I switched from mirena to implanon back in sept. mirena always made me sick and was embedded into my uterus wall so I had to have it taken out. ive only had one normal non sick period since ive switched. in oct it came on the normal day but was only spotting for that day and it went away. in novemeber I didn't have one. in December I was on my period the entire month, I literally stopped on news yr this yr. and I just started again yesterday when I literally just got off of it from being on it a whole month. my body is so sore, im rly rly moody, and irritable and emotional ALL the time, and certain smells make me nauseated, certain foods make me nauseated too, and im always getting sick when I start my period and all I ever want to do is sleep. has anybody else experienced this while being on implanon? is it normal? I don't have insurance or money to pay out of pocket to go see my obgyn :(

    I don't think it's normal. I just got my Implanon removed after having a period that lasted 21 days. Keep us posted, I hope you find a solution soon!
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