Any Advise?

My daughter wants a boyfriend, I don't know if I should let her because she's only 14.

Magda Harfouch
    let her but give her limits.if u say no shes ganna be like all other teens these days and sneak around.
      I would rather know about it than have her sneaking around and lying to you about it... perhaps set boundaries and have them come over to your house or group date with a chaperone?
        4Shauna Ziegler
        I went through this with my son also 14.I l have rules but at the same time,How old were you when you had your 1st little "boyfriend"?I suggest to allow with being the driver to the movies,Etc.cause you gotta keep that window of communication open,So she does'nt sneak around.Insert yourself into her 1st relationship and snoop w/out getting cought.Even if you read something in her diary you can't yell try to get her to talk.
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