My girls had the worst diaper rash. Almost to the point of bleeding. I tried everything!!! Different diapers, wipes, creams, and nothing was working. My doctor gave us a cream and one of girls was actually allergic to it. Finally, I went back to the basics. I started rinsing them with water and slowly it started getting better. Then I started only using Huggies and sure enough they started to look normal again. I now only use Huggies and buy water wipes. I don't use any creams or powders. Just the Huggies and water wipes and my girls bottoms are perfect!

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    if u try cloth diapers u wont see a rash at all.
    i understand. they are definitely hard to keep up with. good luck though. im glad huggies work :)
      Jessica, Need to get Rash & Remedy! Go to
      Everything is Toxic Free, BPA Free, etc., My leg is
      Covered in posion oak right now and I am using it
      No itching and it is healing. We have been using
      All the products from this company and love them. When you get to the site go to the left side says shop, click on personal care, it's on the top middle. And the great thing is its wholesale like costco. We love everything but the baby lotion's smell is to die for. I use it even on my face.
        my daughter had a really bad rash and i put on balmax its a dipper rash cream with corn starch baby powder and it went away with in 3 days.
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