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My boyfriend and I decided that it was time to figure out what we wanted to do about children. We decided that we didn't want to try but also didn't want to prevent it. We told each other that if we never got pregnant that maybe it was meant to just be the 2 of us. After a year we had not gotten pregnant so I thought maybe I couldn't have kids. Because we weren't trying or preventing it, it really took the stress away from the whole thing. There was no pressure or worry so I really feel that helped us conceive. Right after that year we did get pregnant. I miscarried at 6 weeks and 5 days. Again, we continued to do it our way and just enjoy each other. 2 weeks after the miscarriage, we got pregnant again. This time with TWINS! Looking at the positive through this experience worked for us.

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    congratulations. and im sorry about ur loss.
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