37 weeks tomorrow

I am really excited about having our son but worried at the same time. I feel guilty that our daughter wont have me all to herself anymore. I don't want her to feel as if we are replacing her or do not love her anymore because there is another child in the house that needs attention. I know there will be lots of adjusting and everything will be normal once we all get into a routine. I just hope she adjusts ok. Shes only 16 months. For those that have babies fairly close in age, do you have any tips on how to possibly make the transition easier and less overwhelming for my daughter?

    im actually having a baby boy march 17th and my daughter will be a year old feb. first so they will be a year and 16 days apart so i know exactly how you feel.
    im the same way i feel as long as we make our daughters involved then things will be easer
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