New main page - need your approval!

Ladies, we've updated main page ​of
To see it you should sign out the account and go to

And we really need your feedback - do you like it?

Thank you much for your comments!

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    Leah, if you have registered on Facebook with the same e-mail as on - you can log in to site with Facebook. If e-mails are different - it's a problem).
    Thank you for youe reply!
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        I like it too! Very cool the connection thing...

        Any bigger kids? Like kinder up to fifth pics or are your aiming towards the new moms and moms with babies? I know that I would love more connections with moms that going through bigger kid stuff.. I love sharing about my kids were little or talking about my kids now.. BUT.. it's very different now and the issues and concerns are different.. I'm past nursing and sleep training and hitting and biting .. Would love to see more of my genre :)

        But it looks great!!!
          8Theresa Gould
          I actually didn't notice any differences when I logged in, sorry.
          Theresa, you should log out and go to directly - or just click on the logo. But first log out.
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