Staying at home...a new concept for me!

With an unexpected difficult pregnancy I stayed home and pretty much slept all day. Now with my baby I have found myself going crazy. I had no idea that I would crave simple human interaction this much.

The worst part: My husband is in the Navy and has conveniently decided that since we managed really well with me staying home during my pregnancy that we can manage for me to be a full time sahm for a while. Don't get me wrong, I would love to stay home with my baby boy all day and watch hi grow, from his first roll to his first steps, to his first words. I just wish there was an easier way to make friends. With him working long hours I feel like I don't really get any "me" time and definitely no "friend" time.

Okay, mini rant over! (:

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Oh Meg, if only it were that easy....actually it might be! (: My husband works extremely long hours, we're talking monday through friday from 5 am to 11pm. It's hard to squeeze in too much time. Luckily I can take my son with me to the store, just not necessarily to the bar with some of my friends. All the moms I know always flake out on plans too :/ I've tried play dates quite a few times and only one of them ever actually worked out. But I will definitely keep trying!! Thanks (:
    OK, I totally know what you are going through. I am also a Navy wife. My husband works nights which makes it hard for everything and long hours as well! I quit my job a week before I found out I was pregnant and figured I would just stay home during my pregnancy and that is what I have done. I don't have any friends. I moved here a year ago to be with him here and in that time I have made 2 friends...and really those two are a little flaky. It is definitley difficult to adjust to and it is taking time!! I do plan on staying at home with my baby until I start going to school which should be around the time he is 6 months old. I just wanted to share my story with you so you know that you are NOT alone. I think these kinds of situations are very common and women just don't speak up on their feelings. It is NOT that we don't love our husband or the life style we chose to live for our is just very difficult to adjust to. We have every right to talk about our feelings. I am here for you
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        I understand what you feel. Sometimes when my husband works late I feel this way too , but glad I can stay home with my children...We get out and do lots of things together like Meg said so it is not as hard!
          I hear you hun... I'm in the same boat... just wait till the weather is nicer... you can go do a bunch of cool stuff with him! =) We've been having nice weather lately so I've been going for long walks to the park and such... made a world of difference.. Also go to and look for mom groups around you. They have playdates etc. The one I'm in has adult time as well to get out of the house for girl time. =) With adult beverages he he.
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