A Mom Didn't know her daughter was cutting AND Anorexic...

This story upsets me.. Yet I hesitate as always to jump to conclusion and judge this mother, but this one is hard for me..

Cliff note version of the story - A mom gets a call from her 13 year old daughters school, the teachers noticed she has marks on her arms from cutting and doesn't eat lunch... The mother shocked!!!

The mom finally noticed the marks once home and noticed that her daughter had significantly lost weight... her excuse that she hadn't noticed before was that the "style" of teens was baggy clothes..

The irony here is the mom had suffered anorexia in her younger years AND is a psychologist for others with the disease.

W. T. F.

So. I tried to imagine how I could miss something like that... for a long time.. Does she not HUG her daughter? Sit with her? Watch TV with her? I mean, it seems to me that for something like THIS.. this young girl had to be left alone A LOT... Right?

I feel empathy for the mom now because she acknowledges this and feels guilt and shame and her heart is broken watching her baby suffer.. and I just hope that no matter how busy I get... I will always be present with my kids and be close with them both physically and emotionally...

I hope.​

    8Theresa Gould
    That's kind of sad, especially given the mom's profession and background. Yet I suspect she's just as busy as other mothers and perhaps missed what is now obvious. After the fact, she's probably beating herself up about it. :(
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