Settle DOWN public Breastfeeding moms!

I think moms need to settle down.. I breastfed, I did it in public... I actually had times where I nursed while pushing a target cart.. but with a blanket over me... And here is why..

I get it.. these "Lactivists"​ get their feathers ruffled that people may possibly find them nursing in public without cover upsetting... And they stand up screaming it's their rights and it's natural and they're feeding their baby.. blah blah...

I don't disagree btw.. I totally think that they;re right. BUT.. here is where I get annoyed.. It's common respect NOT to push YOUR beliefs and ways onto other people... That's great you're fine with nursing in public without a cover, but reality check.. some people are not... and it's not your problem to teach them...

I have current friends nursing.. and they nurse at the park. or sitting right across from me.. I don't care... get your milk on, do your thing, but in all honesty.. I don't want to watch you put your boob in your childs mouth .. period... and even more so.. I don't want to watch the creepy dude watching YOU do it either...

Why can't we just cover? Should you HAVE to? NO!!! But aren't we all just trying to get along? Do you push your politics or religious views on people?

Again. I've nursed in public a gazillion times.. but i've always covered out of RESPECT and understanding that not everyone ELSE is comfortable...


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    Amanda Hurley
    I totally agree. I nursed ALL of my children, and with my oldest, I was ALWAYS on the go. I did not know at the time that it was illegal for them to do so, but I was sitting in Taco Bell, and a customer complained that I was breastfeeding. I was completely covered, all you could see were my daughter's feet, but I was still asked to leave. I think that the "Lactivist" need to settle down, before the government decides that it is indecent exposure. Yes, it is our right to breastfeed anywhere and anyhow we like, but come on, do you really want "creepy dude" watching your every move as you feed your child??
      8Theresa Gould
      Yeah, I was never comfortable nursing in public and always covered up.
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