V-BAC? Anyone else?

VBAC - Vaginal Birth After C-Section? I had one and didn't realize how uncommon they were until the shocked faces and responses when I've told people...

I think a lot of Doctors wont even risk it.. If you had a c-section with the first baby then the risk is too high to try for a vaginal birth.

But My Doctor encouraged it... He said he'd watch carefully and if he felt there was a problem.. then he would go right to C-section.

The only thing that DID come up, is my second... she wanted out fast! which is where the risk is.. of tearing and not letting your body expand slowly.. so they slowed me down a bit, but she still came out in 9 hours from first contraction to breaking free...

I feel lucky that I've experienced both... I can't tell you that one was easier than the other though... I was up moving faster with a Vaginal.. but I was still uncomfortable for a while... and a C-section IS major surgery... but I would say that both took a month for me to feel "normal"...

ANyone else?​

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    8Theresa Gould
    Not me, but I know the doctors at my old OB office did them and I know ladies who have had them.
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