"Naughty Leopard" Costume For Toddler's Removed From Shelves..

Oh My Gosh!! Okay.. Maybe I'm too laid back. But Come ON!

Cliff notes: A toddler's halloween costume titled "Naughty Leopard"​ upset a bunch of sensitive parents everywhere and even though the costume was NOT slutty in ANY way... They removed it..

I just did a walk through the Party Store with my kids and looked at all the costume selections on the wall and I see the adult costumes... Naughty nurse, etc.. and I get it.. I get how the word "naughty" implies sexual because of the adult costumes... and I COULD understand if the childs costume was too short or see-thru, etc but it's NOT.. It's as child friendly as a Disney Princess costume...

I seriously think that people need to chill out. There are SO many things where people's energy could go to.. and it seems that one overly sensitive, feminist like parent screams "inappropriate" and suddenly it's a huge things...

I don't know. I just feel like everyone needs to just lighten up!!!

    wow, people may be THAT crazy... when I was a child I used to wear a costume of squirrel - with the red big tail and extremly short skirt. I think if it'll be now - my parents will be taken to the court for this costume they've made for me))
      8Theresa Gould
      Yeah I can see that, but if it's literally a naughty leopard animal costume, then I don't really get it.
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