I'm having trouble putting her down for a nap. I'm trying to get her out of her stroller for naps. I put her in her playpen and put some nature music she likes but it's not working. She's so used to being rocked in the stroller.

    Yes I do. I don't mind her napping in the stroller but now she's not that happy in there either. I would push it for about 5 minutes and she would fall asleep for at least an hour. She would nap three times a day. Now it takes me pushing the stroller for at least a half hour sometimes even more for her to finally fall asleep. She still sleeps for 45 minutes to an hour but only twice a day. I just think it's the age where she's trying to fight sleep. Her eyes are closed and the next thing you know she's wide awake. Even at night when we go upstairs to her room she starts crying from the stairs. She knows hat I'm about to put her to sleep. I now try to go up to her room during the day for some play time as well.
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