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I am a mother of 2. My son is 11 and has always been easy going. My daughter is 2.5 and I am really struggling with her. She has a very strong mind. She just won't listen to me and I know she knows what I am saying. I find myself yelling at her and I know it is wrong and then I beat myself up. I also find myself not wanting to be around her because I can't control her...it just always becomes unpleasant because of the constant whining, not listening, etc. I love her and want to enjoy our time together!!! Please tell me others feel this too because I am beginning to think I may need some medication!

    lol. Well. First. You're not alone here. Ever. And secondly 2.5 is rough. It's hard because you feel like you're angry mom more than fun mom at this point and they seem to only be exhausting.
    I think and I'm not sure how she is, but you gotta be stronger willed, calm and sure and follow through.
    Set your rules before she can do wrong. Constant reminders and if she throws something, tell her sternly.. We don't throw and sit her down.
    Go strong and she will fight you on it but after a few really rough days of you on your game she will slow it down.
    Praise greatly for the good stuff.
    Be stern and confident when she acts out.
    Do not "hear" whining. Tell her. We don't whine use your big kid voice. Demand it.

    I remember my son, my first was super strong willed and I was lost. Unsure if I was correct them I'd lose it then feel guilty and he'd get away w things.
    I decided the 3 day trial. To go big and not feel guilty. That a happy kid is not yelled at all day and if I yelled 3 days straight then I wouldn't have to yell again.
    He threw something and I warned him that I would take his trains away. He did it again. Smaller though. Barely worth a punishment but I did it anyway. Took them all away. He flipped and I said calmly " I told you if you threw them i would take them away"
    He never did it again
    I cried alone in the bathroom questioning myself. It wasn't a bug throw but he knew.
    Three days of hard no nonsense and he learned a lot fast.
    Kids get it. More than we think.
    Try not to yell. Quiet stern mad voice. Stay calm. Let her flip then when it's over switch back to nice and fun mom.
    Show her shed rather have nice fun mom then disappointed mom.
    Even today. My kids are 7 and 9 and if they do something, the worst punishment they said is when I'm distant and disappointed. I'm usually silly and playful so they hate when I'm not.

    As for medication. I still think I need it some days. But unless you feel depressed and can't deal I think it's just her age. But talk to a doctor if you feel it's more than that.
    Thank you!! We do feel alone sometimes in our angst, but I must say. ..I have done the firm voice and no yelling (amen) for the past few days and have had a positive response. I have actually enjoyed being with her! She is responding to my positive energy. ..hallelujah!! This is so the MOM I want to be!!! Thanks for the forum. ..maybe letting go of the anxiety and voicing my stress. ..And being validated. ..I could go on and on!
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