how long you usually breastfeed?!


    Babies main source of nutrients has to come from either breast milk or formula until they're one year old. After that their digestive systems have matured enough to eat almost any kind of food, so they should be able to get enough calories from veggies, fruit, protein, and grain. They still need a diet that's high in healthy fats through the toddler years in order to develop properly. That can come from things like breast milk, avocados, olive oil, or whole milk.

    The American Pediatric Academy recommends that mothers breastfeed for at least six months, then they can switch to formula for the next six months if they'd like. I want to avoid formula all together, especially since I'm lucky enough not to struggle with breastfeeding. So I'll be breastfeeding at least 1 year. I think I'll probably slowly wean onto solid food, whole milk, and water completely after my daughter turns one. We'll see how it all works out though!
      my goal with both my kids was always 6 months. I felt that was the time when they needed and could get the most from me both nutritionally and emotionally.
      I went 9 months with my son though.. More because we went to Mexico when he was 8 months and I didn't wAnt to worry about bottles and the water etc.
      my daughter was one week. It didn't go well with her and I cried for days before I decided to stop. But she got the colostrum I guess.
      Both are super healthy and happy. My son has had more ear infections and has allergies though. So I think breast feeding is great but I truly think as far as health benefits. You get what u get sometimes.
      Go as long as you're comfortable.
        For as long as you can/want to. Don't let anyone tell you you have to BF either. Its a personal choice. Do whatever makes you happy.
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