Kids doing the same sport/activity you did

I grew up figure skating, I dedicated my entire life to it. I coach it now and it is my true passion. My husband did the same with hockey, he now coaches it. So it's no surprise everyone asks when will she be on the ice? Will she play hockey? Will she skate? The truth is I've always dreamed of having a little girl who would love it as much as I do. So I'm sure we will have jer try it as soon as she's ready. I would never force her to continue something she truly didn't enjoy, but I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't break my heart a little if she didn't like it. I would obviously never tell her that, I just hope she finds something she loves like I did with skating.

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      I've been in Tae Kwon Do my entire life and I absolutely love it. I teach now and I'm testing for my 5th degree black belt in 2015. I'm definitely going to have all of my kids give it a try, but I won't force it on them. If I notice they're dragging their feet every time I bring them to class or really not giving a good effort I'll take them out of it. I will make them stick it out through the whole session though, I believe in finishing what you start, but once it's done it's their choice if they want to continue. I'd have more fun watching them find their own passion then just following along with mine.

      I also won't start them too young, unless they really show an interest. Sometimes I feel like 4-7 year old kids don't really know how to evaluate if they really like something. They might think they do just because it's something to do, they have a friend in the class, or other family members do it. They might get tired of it before they're too old to really decide if they like or dislike the sport/activity for what it really is.
        I played soccer and tennis. My kids are natural athletes but haven't taken to any sport yet.
        I think I just assumed they'd love it but they don't.
        I want them to but all I can do is introduce them to sports and see where they find that love.
        My sister and her husband are both swimmers.. He was in the Olympic trials years back and they run three swim schools and teams.
        Neither of their girls want to swim. It's almost like its been so a part of their upbringing that they're sick of it.
          I think that's totally natural.. but I am sure how she grows.. you will realize what she is interested in and what she isn't.. I think a beauty of some kids is that they come to LOVE something you might have never thought twice about or even know that much about.. my parents never played tennis.. and then I did all my little life.. now they love it.. I think new sports/activities are so so fun! Who knows what Holly will love! :)
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