How many times a day do you nurse your older baby?

My daughter is 7 months old and still nursing 5 times per day with two meals" of 2-3oz of solids. I think she's moving towards going down to only 4 times per day as she's going longer between feedings now. My questions is where to go from here?

I know that all kids are different, but how often do you nurse your 8-12month olds and how many solid meals do you offer? A formula feeding friend of mine was only giving 3 bottles of formula per day to her 8 month old along with his 3 solid meals per day. Another women I know nurses her 1 year old once in the morning when she wakes up and once before bed, the rest is solid meals with the family.

I'm confused as to when it's okay to have more solid food and less breast-milk. I don't want to do it too early and end up with an early weaning baby, but I also don't want to deprive her of the developmental side of solid foods.

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    Kerri Brimmer
    My advice after extended nursing with three children is to just let it happen. Your breast milk is a superior food to solids, but there will come a point where your child wants solid food more. She will let you know.

    My three all nursed differently. Two were comfort nursers, one not. All three gave up their bedtime nursing last. If you can allow a child two years of nursing, as the World Health Organization recommends, you will give them the best start. It is a tremendous gift, and rare in the USA, to nurse after a year. Do what you can.

    The best parenting advice, after all, is to do what feels right. Follow your instincts.
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