My Son Thinks He's Too Cool to "Dress Up" For Halloween.

My nine year old announced that he wasn't going to dress up... I said, Ok.. well then you don't get to go trick or treating... HUH? I told him that you have to make an effort and have fun and get into the spirit and that you can't just wear a shirt that says, "Halloween Costume" and expect candy... Not at 9!!!

We are the family that dresses up.. and I understand that he sees the plastic costumes and thinks theyre dorky now... So I explained to him that he can come up with whatever he wants, but it has to be clever and a real costume.. not just a bow tie... Or he stays home..

I also told him to get over himself.. That if you're having fun then that's all that matters... IF you are in a dorky costume.. then ROCK that costume...OWN it...

I remember though.. he's at the age where he's starting to notice if people notice him and he and his buddies have a secret hand shake and are dudes now... I get it.. But don't be THAT kid.​

    8Theresa Gould
    I remember going through something similar growing up but can't remember what age I was. Sounds like you gave him some things to think about if he still wants to go trick or treating.
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