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Well my husband and I had a deal if the baby was a girl I could name her, and if he was a boy he could name him, and he has always wanted to name his son Jason Lee Scott Outland. I already have an uncle with that name so I was not so keen on Jason for the first name, but it grew on me. But, I asked hubby if we could change the spelling slightly, so at least it's not the same as my uncle. Since Jay had been one of the names I'd picked out for a boy after Jay Gatsby in Gatsby (one of my all time favourite books) we decided on Jayson for the spelling. I love it because he can be Jay for short someday if he likes, or just Jayson if he prefers that.

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    8Theresa Gould
    Good compromise. My husband came up with our last son's name. I was more than happy to have him come up with a name since I was running out of ideas.
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    I'm the Mummy of a very beautiful little boy named Jayson. He and his daddy are my world. I'm an Aussie gal living in the USA.