Is this normal?

So my fiancé and I were talking last night and he told me that he's already planning on our second child and I'm only halfway through my first pregnancy... it doesn't bother me, I was just surprised and I wanted to know if you moms think that this is normal?

    8Theresa Gould
    I think everyone is different and it depends on if a person is a planner or not. I think it's very sweet your fiance is thinking ahead. As long as he's not pressuring you right after the birth of your daughter, enjoy the fact he's excited about being a father. :)
      I would say it's normal to anticipate what it would be like or when you might like to have another child. But make sure that its an open and on going discussion and that you are on the same page. Also try not to get too ahead of yourselves, life is about to change a ton having your first so take some time and enjoy now and enjoy that little one when he/she comes, then revisit when you might want to TTC again. Some people want their children really close together and others can wait longer, it all depends on how you picture your family.

      I just had my first in March 2013 and our lives changed so drastically i feel like we are just now, at almost a year old getting used to our "new normal" so I know that i'd personally like to wait until she is closer to 2 before we try again. Also she is so fun at this age and a little hard to keep up with I can't imagine keeping up with another or being pregnant again at this time.
        I think the excitement and anticipation of it is normal and may have you thinking of the next one, but that may change after seeing how much work it is. Lol We didn't plan our next child and wasn't on birth control, but 3 years later we were blessed with our second child. I was done after that. For health reasons and because I knew what I could afford and didn't want my children to lack anything because I wanted to pop out 30 kids! But everyone is diff and you know what you can handle.
            My husband was all about a big family up until I got to the third trimester and he saw how much of a toll it was taking on my body. Then since the baby has been born he's not sure he even wants to have anymore after everything I went through lol. But I would have another in a heartbeat if we could afford to! We'll see what the future brings.
            I think it's natural in his excitement to want more straight away. But yeah, it may change just like it did for my hubby.
              Some people like to think ahead... others live in the moment... looks like he is a long term thinker. At least you know what his plans are! LOL!
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