busy bees

hello. First i would like to say hello to all the new moms on here. I have been super busy. Connor is doing well. I sent mandi more photos, but i dunno if she has gotten them or gottn them up. I cannot wait to get a computer. We have fallen into a semi routine. Donald is back to work with a different company, so i dont get but an hour of sleep between connors feedings through his tube. He gets meds and feedings every three hours right now.my kids are happy though to have mommy home. We all went to the doctors today to take connor for his first visit. Hes growing, and is now 8lbs 12oz. He is still in newborn clothes though. None of his 0 to3 fit him.hes adjusting well to all the noise and chaos of our lives. Will update soon, i hope. I miss being on here.

Amanda HurleyFlat Rock, Michigan
    We miss you Amanda and so glad to hear that Connor is home and doing so much better :) Hugs. Hope you can get a little more rest
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    I am a 28 year old SAHM of four children. Mr. Connor is my son. I am looking for some additional help for a permanent grave marker. If you would like to help with expenses or would like to send a card, please inbox me for an address and details. Thank you