letting your child sleep naked? yes for me

I let my son sleep naked if we have no visitors over. He likes to sleep with no cloth on especially during spring/summer. He feels a lot more comfortable and rested.
I just wonder if your child has opposite sex siblings, is it ok to allow them to sleep naked? I wouldn't be comfortable with a such idea.

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    My sister slept naked when we were younger.. and my dad told us always that if there was an earthquake to stand in our door frames until it passed... and my sister stopped sleeping naked.. we had this idea that if an earthquake happened, and everything crumbled, that she'd be standing naked in the middle of the street in a door frame... naked.. So funny what things will stick with you, as I STILL think of that.. I think of any emergency situation that would force us to have to leave right away without time to grab clothes... My son sleeps in shorts and my daughter sleeps in a tshirt and panties.. but sometimes, she gets irritated in that crease where the panties rub and she sleeps without undies to air it out.. But I still think of that.. .and always have shorts or jammie bottoms at the foot of her bed to grab and put on just in case.. and in the morning...
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