Mom cars are gross!!!

My old car.. Was disgusting. I did my best to keep it not awful but with two toddlers and a step son and driving so much it was impossible. When I got my new car a few months back, I cleaned out my mini van and really SAW up close how nasty it was. Lol. I didn't care much. But I swore the new car would never get like that and the kids being older I knew I had a chance (minus road trips etc)... And we've been good!! And my reminder yesterday was volunteering at the school for the morning drop off line. Opening car doors and helping kids out and the cars I saw!!! Holy nasty batman!! A lot of them looked seriously... Like a trash can. Food stains on the door, ketchup packets. I did not judge these parents. I know how easy it is to get there and when you're working full time and getting kids at the end if the day.. A clean car is so low priority but it reminded me yesterday that I need to stay on top of it. Something about getting into a clean car versus a nasty one Every day can affect my mood. My mom always made me straighten my desk up. Clean desk clean mind. And she's so right. Then this morning when j was removing the mass amounts of plastic water bottles from the backseat (landfill amounts).. I found a piece of gum stick to the door. Ick. No no no!!!!!!!!!!

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