My 9 Year old son wont' be seen naked anymore...

My boy is growing up.. nine.. he's starting that age where he doesn't want to be seen naked any longer.. Which is normal and fine.. and kind of funny.. He gets mad at his sister if she comes into the room while he's getting dressed and will no longer get out of the shower or bath when I'm in there...
We share a bathroom and they share a room and it's tight squeezing sometimes.. But I have to respect his sudden shyness..

ALSO.. he gets mad at his sister if she's running around naked.. Or without panties.. like she likes how to roll.. Always yelling "Put some panties on!!!" at her.. and she's 6 and doesn't quite understand what the big deal is.. But I told her.. look.. your brother doesn't want to see your privates.. and in all fairness to him.. she's still at that age where she's on the couch doing splits naked and watching tv...

Growing up.. yikes.

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    it IS funny... I hear from the other room sometimes, " would you PAH LEASE put some panties on???".. and I'll come out to see what's happening and she's laying on the floor, playing with her privates swaying around... I don't ever want her to feel shame for being free and naked, but I just tell her, that her privates are private and not everyone WANTS to see them out in the breeze.. She's good about it now..

    But ONE really funny time.. where I had to laugh.. and maybe shouldnt have... was she was bottomless and sitting on the couch pillows and I came out and tossed the pillow onto the couch towards him and he screamed "EEEEWWW!!" and I said, WHAT? WHAT??? and he says, "Her vagina juice is on there!"...

    I laughed my butt off.. Vagina juice? WTF? LOL...
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