Budget--What's yours like?

Moms!! It's obvious that we all have to be on some type of budget every month. Can you give me some examples of yours? I am just curious. We can't seem to get ours straight. Do you expect to have "X" amount in the account by the end of every pay period? Or do you just spend and and hope you make it till then? I would LOVE to know!!

    We try to have $500 more saved in our accounts than the previous month (so month 1=$500, month 2=$1000). It's hard the first few months, but eventually it gets easier. I recommend getting an envelope and putting all receipts (fast food &gs too!) in it. at the end of the month add it all up, see where you cut spending, and make a budget. I found that keeping the receipts every month was easier for us to keep track of spending. The first 2 months were hard because my husband has a knack for buying little things (packs of gum and a soda) every where he goes. Hounding him for receipts was the worst! But eventually we got it all figured out and we are doing much better. Really you just need to find what works best for your family! (:
      Thank you everyone! I just think we need to leave our debit cards at home! lol! It is so hard "not to spend money" when everyday poses new challenges. I know for a fact I spend too much money on food. I go to the grocery store once a week for our "big" trip and then find myself going a few times more during the week. This is not ok! And let's not even count the useless money we spend on drinks with friends, or weekend bbq's 50 bux here, 40 bux there add up!
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