My son is getting to understand the MONEY thing...

he's 9 and starting to pay attention to the amount of money I spend on things and since then, he's really stopped asking me for things.. or if they can go do stuff..

I've tried to explain to him.. budget.. etc.. but he didnt' grasp it until this past Sunday, when we did our big weekly grocery shopping.. The total was almost $200 for the week... (Now this one was bigger than usual.. as I needed condiments and cleaning supplies, but I usually spend about $145 a week.. .)

Anywho.. He saw the total and his eyes got big and he looked up at me and said "You have that much?"... At first I laughed.. but then I realized that when he has saved $10.. it's huge... right? And I was worried that he would think I HAD a bunch of money..

I explained to him rent and that I spend that a week and that bills are a certain amount and I'm watching him add it up in his head.. and he was SHOCKED!!! And said, "That's so MUCH mom..!"

And so I told him yes.. that's why when they want to go to a restaurant to eat, that we can't all the time.. that dinner for 3 now that they're older can run $30.. which is fine once or twice a month (some months).. but now he's starting to get it... and next we went to Target and he was pointing out the sales and the red tags for us...

Maybe he will be a banker...

    8Theresa Gould
    He's growing up!
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