my days are kind of crazy I cant go back to school right now because I messed up on one of my classes. I just got certified for my cna but no one is hiring someone who doesn't have at least a years experience so im kind of stuck I been applying like crazy to jobs and cant find one and I need one at least to do what I need to do for my kids and for myself without always asking for help from my moher who helps but is rude to my bf and his family I just don't get her and now its time for me to move on to my own life. I just need a boost and to get out of this hole I have created.

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      Tameka, someone is hiring. Put in those applications. Just because it says one year experience doesn't mean they won't hire you. Keep putting them in. You will get a bite. Don't worry. The more you put in the better your shot.
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        Ditto what the others said. It may take some time but something is surely out there for you. I see lots of CNA jobs in our area. You could even try working for the elderly in their own homes to help you get some experience. Try or what's the other one with care in it, but these are individuals looking for sitters whether that is for the children or their parents.
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        I am a 23 year old mother of two. I have a 4 year old son and a 6 month old daughter. My hands are a little full right now but I am currently looking for a job since I just receive my state certification for CNA.
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