I've been feeling pregnant for about 2ish weeks now but then 3 days ago I spotted. I thought it was af but then it stopped so I was confused, then the next day I got brown/bright red bleeding(somewhat like a light period) the only pain I had was very minor lower back pain when normally with af I'm cramping so badly I can't even get out of bed. Anywayss the bleeding continued till today but it's pretty much stopped almost tonight. What could this be? The rest of my pregnancy symptoms have almost disappeared. I still get slight nausea but not as bad as before. Help please?

    did you take another pregnancy test, also most women bleed in the first trimester and some of the bleeding could be the implantation of the fertilized egg.
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        I would most definitely go to ur doctor. If u are pregnant spotting is normal but not continues bleeding. And if it turns out that u Arnt pregnant then there could be another cause for the bleeding which the doctor will certainly help u figure out what it is. Don't be shy even the things that seem minor or don't seen important could be the start of something big. Better to find out when the issue is small then big. Good luck!
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