Back to school for me on Tuesday!

I have to go back to class on Tuesday. A week ago, I was bored and couldn't wait to go back. Now I'm dreading it because going back means a heavy work load, and a lot of stress. Also I wont have time to clean, so I have to be able to deal with my house being total chaos again! I was just getting used to being able to sleep again. It's all going to be worth it when I graduate. I definitely need to work on managing my time a little better to make it easier. I'm thinking I should cook and freeze meals on Sundays to re-heat during the week to make things a little easier!

4BrandiHamilton, New York
    I had a 4.0 GPA last semester. Hope I do as well for this one. I am looking for a job also, because I have no choice. I was getting Unemployment Insurance, and had just started getting federal benefits, when they expired. It stinks, because there wasn't much of a warning, and I wasn't required to look for a job, because my training was approved through the department of labor. I was told I would get UI while I was still in school as long as there were extensions, and my job was to just go to class. It would have been nice to be informed more than a couple of weeks before they expired! So going back to school being stressed out already is not a good way to start the semester!
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    Hi, I'm a mom with four children, three teens and a preteen. (five if you count my fiancé who often acts like one of the kids) I currently going to school full time.