Dropping a nap?

I think my 10 month old is about to drop her morning nap. She currently takes 2 naps during the day. 1 in the morning, which used to be an hour or more, now it's down to 30-40 min if i'm lucky. And then one longer one usually 1.5-2ish hours in the afternoon. That morning nap keeps getting shorter and shorter, I think shes on the verge of dropping down to one nap a day. When did your child go down to one nap a day? how'd you help with the transition?

    Both of my kids dropped their big middle of the day nap early... around 9 months... They both never liked it and it seemed to take longer to get them down then they actually slept and night time was later...So I dropped the mid day.. 2 ish nap and around 4 and 5... they would get so tired... So I made sure that I was never in a car around then to let them fall asleep.. and started putting them to bed for the night at 6:30... and it was awesome... I loved early bed times... but if they DID fall asleep in teh car or somewhere.. night time was screwy...

    They always needed that morning nap.. I loved the morning nap... it always got me ready for the day and or allowed me to relax a a little.
      8Theresa Gould
      I think I started putting them down later in the morning 11:30am (fed them an early lunch at 11am because we were always up at 5:30-6am back then) and gradually put them down at 1pm in the afternoon for two hours.
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