Your Hospital Tour? I didn't do one...

I'm not sure if it was a conscious decision for me to avoid the hospital tour or I just forgot.. I think I remember wondering why I had to tour it.. I had been there with my sister.. I'd seen it in pictures.. I wasn't sure what the tour would provide me with that I needed to know prior to getting there...

I actually still don't.. In all honesty.. I worry that seeing the place and the machines and the NICU and all that would freak me out...

Anyone? Feel their Tour was SO worth it??

    we did one only 3 weeks before my daughter was born. All the other couples we're first time moms too. They we're all only 6 or 7 months along though. We totally felt like we were slow pokes for waiting so long!

    Looking back I'm glad we did it because we'd never been to the hospital before. It's a big place and I'd hate to have wandered the halls looking for labor and delivery while in labor! Of course it was tucked way back so it wasn't easy to find either. I don't think hospital tours are necessary, but they don't hurt either.
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      8Theresa Gould
      I did do a hospital tour with our Lamaze class with our first but that was it. I appreciated the tour as I had never been in the birth center of a hospital or maternity ward as they use to be called except when one of my sisters' had her baby...and that was in Canada. So I was curious.
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