6 Months...

I was told and agreed to 6 months... and even then I was pretty picky about the water.. So much bacteria in a pool and then if it IS cleaned well, sometimes you don't know when the chemicals were put in...

I always asked for a cleaning schedule.. BUT.. my kids swim a lot.. and always have and days were spent at our pool in our complex since they were born and nothing ever happened.. But I DID wait until 6 months to really submerge them.. they had toes and legs and LOVED it...

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    8Theresa Gould
    Yeah that's what I was told too but I broke the mold with our last because our children were taking swimming lessons and I love the water and couldn't stand being sidelined. I bought an insulated body suit for my son so he would maintain his temperature because it was within his first two months ...whenever my bleeding stopped. :)
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